Janusz Rafał Głowacki's interview med Rafał Kuklewski

Oprettet d.

We are pleased to welcome Rafal Kuklewski as an artist in Gallery BeArte and share his art with all our loyal customers and partners. As an introduction to Rafal Kuklewski and his thoughts, we bring Janusz Rafał Głowacki's interview with him from his last exhibition.

“Inflow and outflow”

Watching Rafał Kuklewski's paintings in his studio, I got an impression that I got into an undefined space, the more I looked at these abstract pictures, the more I was experiencing a soothing feeling. A sense of deep reality was suggestively arousing in me, the presence of a painting's phenomenon was expressed by the aesthetic experience and its communing with the mystery of nature. These works evoke the occurrence of nature, they are full of synesthetic tactics which you cannot really detect, the gentle sound of the sea, the lake, the river, water, silence, fog, air or space. Apart from nature, Rafał Kuklewski also raises prototypes that are emanating from nature literally.

In many cases, when the artist uses an abstract provenience painting's language, in the final effect he evokes sensory experiences analogous to the experiences derived from the contact with nature.

In his paintings there is no emotion, I see in them an inner peace and calmness, arising from the "inflow and outflow”, the display of the tool that builds the banded structure of these canvases. Using a stick, artist specifies the direction of the applied horizontal lines, the course is unpredictable as it is poured on the canvas straight from the can, it's a random layout of "paint", such an approach creates irregular borders between these lines and at the same time arouses the melodic internal movement in such a system.

These paintings are maintained in tonal-chromatic transitions, colors are gently passing from light to dark giving a sense of vagueness, which is a shading characteristic of the Renaissance sfumata or fuki bokashi, this technique is defined in Japanese celebrations. I have specifically referred to this term in terms of painting and graphics, because in these paintings there is a philosophical thought that is far away from Eastern culture.

They have something of the purification of the state of consciousness to the mental level of which Ashtavakra Gita talked about: "When there is no "me," that is liberation, and when there is "me" there is bondage. Consider this carefully, and neither hold on to anything nor reject anything" - which is particularly convergent with the idea of "Inflow and outflow", paintings have meditative trace tools and an automatic record that introduces the creator and the recipient into a state of emotional cleansing, state of being beyond any fear and the greediness of sensations.

One of the most beautiful harmonies of the light-dark contrasts characterizes this set of works, these two contrasts smoothly passing and penetrating into the spheres of each other on the principle of a delicate tonal dilution, they combine the extreme contrast values, like the paradox of life opening the doors to death.

Summing up, it should be noted that presence of "Inflow and outflow" is contemplative in these paintings, considering everyday worries and troubles the meditative focus is distracted by ordinary thoughts which accompanying the artist during his work. Rafał Kuklewski in his painting looks at himself from above, not from the ceiling, but from the distant point, eschatological one, because then and only then, he acquires honest and fair distance and reflection of himself, so necessary in the creative process, in order to be able to ask himself an internal questions. - Who am I really as a creator? Who do I want to be and what would I like to achieve?

Written by: Janusz Rafał Głowacki